ESL Innovation, we’ve bottled it.

unspecifiedShamrock Farms is one of only a limited number of dairies in the U.S. to offer ESL processing in a consumer-preferred plastic package. It gives us the unique ability to produce original consumer-tested, consumer-preferred packaging with high-impulse appeal. By creating new product opportunities and opening new channel possibilities, Shamrock Farms ESL technology delivers more sales and higher revenues for you.

The ESL Advantage

Our Extended Shelf Life (ESL) technology delivers the longest refrigerated shelf life in the business. It also enables us to offer a greater variety of products put them in more appealing packaging, ship them farther, keep the freshness longer, and exercises even greater control over their taste, quality and consistency. And that’s just for starters. ESL gives you additional advantages:

  • A variety of convenient sizes—8, 12, 16, 20, 32 oz and value size ½ gallon paper carton with fitment tab
  • Light-blocking white HDPE bottles that prevent oxidation and preserve flavor and nutrients
  • 90-day code life on refrigerated dairy products
  • 130-day code life on refrigerated non-dairy products
  • Attention grabbing graphics that appeal to kids and adults
  • Easy-to-open bottles that are easier to pour and drink from
  • Re-sealable tops add even more convenience
  • Tamper-evident safety seal top locks in freshness and ensures safety
  • Reduced leakage and spoilage

With its high performance and flexible packaging options, our ESL technology is another example of our service approach to doing business, always thinking of new ways to grow incremental sales and extend the category.

Count on Shamrock Farms quality.

unspecified-1Advances we’ve made in our ESL technology enable us to keep our commitment to the highest standards of food safety, quality and product integrity. We are SQF audited with excellent ratings, and our quality assurance testing exceeds federal guidelines, as do our premium quality specifications. Internal and external audits regularly rank Shamrock Farms among the very best. And we own our own state-of-the-art farm, so we can control production and distribution throughout the supply chain, delivering product fresher, colder and faster.

trade-hdpe-bottlesShamrock Farms’ light-blocking white HDPE bottle prevents oxidization, preserving the products real milk, fresh flavor and important nutrients.


Sustainability: good for the planet, and for business.

At Shamrock Farms we welcome sustainability efforts not just because of their positive effects on the environment. They create efficiencies that allow us to keep our costs down, and pass along big savings to you. Bottom line: Reducing our carbon footprint makes good business sense.

To see our full position on sustainability, check out our policies