unspecifiedAt Shamrock Farms, we build brand leadership through product innovation. Our commitment to progressive, forward-thinking product development has put us at the top of the dairy category. We are a brand leader, continually coming up with new ways of formulating dairy products and packaging them in innovative ways. They never fail to grab the attention of consumers, who fall in love with our product freshness, quality and taste.

Our constant focus on innovation gives you and your customers a steady stream of fresh, wholesome, real dairy products in a wide variety of flavors that taste better than any other dairy out there. It also gives you expandable consumption and incremental sales growth with a top-selling consumer-driven brand your customers will purchase again and again.

Nobody does dairy like Shamrock Farms.

Our expertise in the dairy industry often leads to strategic development of creative and relevant new products. In some cases, we’ve managed to change the category completely.

ssmilk_processingTake our On-the-Go milks, for example. We were one of the first to bottle the idea of putting wholesome, good-tasting nutrition in convenient, colorful, extended-life packaging. As a result, we transformed milk from an ordinary commodity to a must-have beverage you can take with you wherever you go.

A brand wherever you are.

From our state-of-the-art farm and high-tech processing facilities headquartered in Arizona, Shamrock Farms has a nationwide reach, supplying great-tasting, customer-preferred dairy products to distribution channels throughout the country.