Crispy-Fried Pumpkin Salad with Sour Cream Ranch

Cooking instructions
  1. Wash bell pepper and peeled pumpkin then leave aside.
  2. While waiting for the pumpkin and bell pepper to dry, wash, drain, and cut lettuce.
  3. Mix 250ml of Shamrock Farms Sour Cream with 40ml of Shamrock Farms Whole Milk, black pepper and salt. This is a salad dressing and also a dip.
  4. Mix 100gr of all-purpose flour and 220ml of milk into a deep bowl.
  5. Slice drained bell pepper and pumpkin into thin slices (about ⅛ inch) then add them to the mixture above.
  6. Carefully mix well so the mixture evenly coats pumpkin and bell pepper.
  7. Boil oil in a deep pot until hot enough. Then use a fork to pick and drop each coated slice into the pot. Fry them for about 3-4 minutes.
  8. Add lettuce and other optional ingredients into a salad bowl. Place the fried pumpkin and bell pepper on top.
  9. Top with the Sour Cream Ranch dressing made in step 3.