We’re the cream in your coffee. And a bazillion other dishes.

Half and Half

Want a better, richer, healthier cup of coffee? Skip the powdered stuff and go with the real deal. Shamrock Farms Half and Half is real dairy with no trans fat. It also happens to be loaded with farm-fresh flavor. Why do you think it’s so good in cooking and baking recipes?


Half and Half

16 fl. oz. 32 fl. oz.

Fat Free Half and Half

32 fl. oz.

Fat Free French Vanilla Half and Half

32 fl. oz.

Heavy Cream

Speaking of flavor, our Heavy Cream has the very best. Just ask any chef who knows. They choose Shamrock Farms Heavy Cream because it makes the best-tasting dishes. Why, you ask? We start with the freshest ingredients straight from the farm, and we end up with a gourmet-quality cream that can’t be beat.  

Heavy Whipping Cream

8 fl.oz. 16 fl. oz. 32 fl. oz.