Mexican Fiesta Crafts

Involve your kids this year with our fresh ideas by using the sour cream and cottage cheese containers you have left over after making your dips.


Mini Sombreros

Thoroughly clean empty Shamrock Farms sour cream and cottage cheese containers and lids/paper plates. Set out festive-colored tissue paper, pompoms, glitter, gems, markers and let the kids have at it.


Cinco_sombreros_vaseFestive Vases

Take clean empty single-serve milk bottles and have the kids turn them into festive vases with the decorating tools used for the sombreros. Fill the vases with paper flowers made of tissue paper and pipe cleaners.



Homemade Maracas

The decorated milk bottles can also be turned into maracas. Simply have the kids use a funnel to fill their bottle halfway with dried rice or beans. Screw the lid on REAL tight and let the music begin!