Leftover Maple-Pecan Stuffing Waffle with Shamrock Farms Pecan Pie Eggnog Whipped Ricotta

Cooking instructions
  1. Instructions for Ricotta 1. Combine Shamrock Farms Pecan Pie Eggnog, ricotta cheese, sugar, and nutmeg in a bowl and whip for about 1 minute until medium-stiff. 2. Place in refrigerator and hold until plating.
  2. Instructions for Maple Pecan Stuffing 1. Preheat waffle iron. 2. Break up leftover stuffing into small pieces in a medium bowl 3. Evenly add bacon fat or vegetable shortening to stuffing, toss gently 4. Lightly whisk eggs and evenly add to stuffing, toss gently 5. Spray hot waffle iron with cooking spray 6. Add a big scoop of leftover stuffing mix and press out evenly across the waffle iron NOTE: the stuffing mix will not disperse itself like waffle batter 7. Close the waffle iron and cook until waffle is crisp on the outside, approx. 4-6 minutes
  3. Instructions for Plating 1. Serve your crispy leftover stuffing waffle with optional sauces shared above: • Generous spoonful of Shamrock Farms® Pecan Pie Eggnog • Drizzle with an optional leftover cranberry sauce • Maple syrup 2. Enjoy the perfect complement of savory and sweet!