Shamrock Farms Organic dairy products are the freshest you can get. As Arizona’s first-ever USDA-certified organic dairy, our organic milk comes from the cows to your grocery store in less than three days. And we use the traditional pasteurization method, which gives our organic milk the same code life that any fresh milk has – 19 days.

So, when you choose Shamrock Farms Organic, you know it’s not only the freshest, it’s also healthy, good-tasting and premium quality – all produced without growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. You can find our products at natural foods markets and wherever Shamrock Farms products are sold.

Shamrock Farms 96 fl. oz. Smart Fit bottle

Whole Milk 2% Reduced Fat 1% Lowfat Fat Free

Our 96 oz. Smart Fit bottle just made our organic milk even better. The perfect size for the fridge, it’s also extremely convenient to carry and easy to pour for kids. Moms will love this 96 oz. Smart Fit bottle.

Shamrock Farms Organic Milk

Whole Milk 2% Reduced Fat Fat Free

Our organic milk is both healthy and delicious. It gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you mooing all day.

Shamrock Farms Organic Sour Cream

12 oz. 16 oz. 24 oz.

Of course, our creamy and delectable organic sour cream is all-natural, all the way, baby. Just right for those yummy recipes or as a tasty topper.