At Shamrock Farms, it is our mission to help families be healthy and part of that mission is to ensure you are informed. We’ve developed this helpful Webpage to provide you the tools to learn more about the importance milk in your diet.

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Milk, regular and flavored, is the #1 food source for three of the four nutrients the Dietary Guidelines for Americans state that children need to consume more of – vitamin D, calcium and potassium.

Studies show that children who drink flavored milk:

  • Actually drink more milk overall
  • Have better quality diets
  • Do not have higher intakes of added sugar or total fat
  • Are just as likely to be at a healthy weight compared to kids who do not consume flavored milk

No other single food item can provide kids with the nine essential nutrients their bodies need to stay smart, energetic and ready for the world. A child would need to eat 10 cups of spinach to consume the same amount of calcium found in milk, and a piece of salmon to get the same amount of vitamin D.

A National 2010 In-School Flavored Milk Study found that in order to replace the nutrients found in milk:

  • 3-4 food items were required
  • More calories and fat were added rather than reduced
  • About half the sugar was added back
  • A cost of $2200-$4600 was incurred annual per 100 students

Recent studies have shown that when schools removed flavored milk from the lunch program, overall milk consumption declined by 35%, resulting in kids not receiving essential nutrients.

Check out the following materials from expert sources such as the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to get the facts.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Source: USDA

National School Lunch Program, Source: USDA

School milk pages

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