• Healthy Any-Time Beverage – Shamrock Farms delicious white and chocolate mmmilk provides 9 essential nutrients, necessary for growing children and adults any time of day.
  • Kids’ Meal – Research shows children who drink milk have better quality diets, do not consume added sugar, fat or calories, and do not have a higher body mass index.
  • Breakfast – Our mmmmilk pairs perfectly with breakfast, offering a high-quality protein boost to start the day off right.

So Pure. So Fresh. So Shamrock

At Shamrock Farms, we are committed to purity and freshness. We guarantee the highest quality milk available, so you can feel confident offering our milk on your menu.

  • Milk – Our pure, wholesome, nutritious milk is made with no added hormones, ever, and undergoes rigorous purity testing.
  • Locally sourced – Our milk gets to you faster and tastier, fresh from our family of local farms to your menu.
  • Cows – Because our happy, healthy cows receive quality care, they produce the best milk.

The Right Product

Our 7 oz. single serve white and flavored milks were specially developed to provide a healthy balance of nutrients for a kid’s meal with lower fat and less calories. We offer the same nutritional benefits in a 12 oz. serving for older kids and adults. All of our farm fresh milks are rBST free with no artificial hormones. Never had them, never will. Plus they taste great without any high-fructose corn syrup—the stuff moms really want to keep away from their kids these days.

7 oz. lowfat white milk nutrition facts

7 oz lowfat chocolate milk nutrition facts

The Right Packaging

More people prefer plastic packaging, and our state-of-the-art ESL packaging guarantees 100 days of code life, which is critical to your business. Our colorful, kid-pleasing graphics are consumer-tested and mom-approved, and our HDPE plastic has a more environmentally friendly carbon footprint than other plastic packages.

The Right Pricing

Our moderate pricing gives you a nationally recognized premium brand image at a fair-value price. Now you can afford to balance both the nutrition and the cost of your kids’ meals.

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