Our New Year’s Resolution: A Healthy Lifestyle!

Research shows that America’s No. 1 resolution each year revolves around health: To eat healthy. To start exercising. And a hundred other variations.

Research also shows you are more likely to keep your resolution if you break it into easily achieved lifestyle changes. So, let us give you one simple place to start – subbing cottage cheese to make every recipe more healthful. Here’s just a few reasons why:

High in Protein. A single serving of Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese has 13 grams of protein.

Low in Calories and Fat. Original Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese has just about 110 calories per serving. Our low fat variety has 100 calories and our fat free has 80 calories. Cottage cheese is filling, so one serving is quite satisfying.

• High in Bone-Building Calcium. A single serving of our original cottage cheese or our low fat cottage cheese has 10% of the recommended daily value of calcium. While our fat free variety has 15% of the recommended daily value.

• Low in Carbohydrates. Our original and low fat cottage cheese have only 5g of carbs per serving. And, our fat free has 6g carbs per serving.

• It’s Taste-tastic. Whether you like savory or sweet, cottage cheese’s mild flavor is perfect for mixing with any recipe and is a great substitute for higher calorie ricotta and cream cheese.


Ready to try it? Here’s a few quick ways to start enjoying cottage cheese today: 


  • Spice it up with hot sauce and eat it with high-fiber crackers
  • Cook with spinach and spices for a healthy, protein-packed creamed spinach
  • Add it as a topper to your favorite chili, soup or stew
  • Use it in place of ricotta cheese in your favorite Italian recipe (see sidebar)


  • Mix your favorite fruit – we love high-fiber blueberries, strawberries and raspberries best – but any fruit goes well!
  • Add protein to sweet and fruit crepes with a layer of cottage cheese
  • Replace your favorite yogurt with cottage chese and use your favorite mix-ins.
  • Add 1/2 cup cottage cheese to your favorite smoothie recipe for extra protein and calcium.

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