On-the-Go Mmmmilk

Whole mmmmilk

12 fl. oz. / 20 fl. oz. Mega Moo

Our wholesome, farm-fresh, great-tasting original.

2% Reduced Fat mmmmilk

12 fl. oz.

38% less fat than Whole mmmmilk, but with all the freshness.

1% Lowfat mmmmilk

12 fl. oz.

Half the fat of 2%, but with – need we add? – all the wholesome goodness intact.

Fat Free Plus mmmmilk with Added Calcium

12 fl. oz.

The farm-fresh flavor of 2% mmmmilk in fat free and with twice the calcium to support bone health.

Whole Chocolate mmmmilk

12 fl. oz. / 20 fl. oz. Mega Moo

The vitamins and minerals you need to function, with that rich chocolate flavor kids love.

No Sugar Added Lowfat 1% Chocolate mmmmilk

12 fl. oz.

Same great taste with 40% less sugar and lowfat.

2% Reduced Fat Flavored mmmmilks

Chocolate 12 fl. oz. / Strawberry 12 fl. oz. Vanilla 12 fl. oz. /

Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla – the trifecta of flavors! Each one is made with the most delicious 2% milk on the market and no artificial sweeteners.

1% Lowfat mmmmilks – 7 fl. oz.

1% Lowfat White - 7 fl. oz. / 1% Lowfat Chocolate - 7 fl. oz.

Our wholesome, great-tasting white and chocolate made with 1% milk. In the perfect size for kids! Look for our 7 fl. oz. size mmmmilks in quick service restaurants.


HFCS_flagShamrock Farms flavored mmmmilk is a refreshing, healthy alternative and formulated without the use of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Why go for all that empty calorie soda when there’s a ton of healthy, flavorful choices for you and your family – all made from real milk?

Don’t forget that milk is the powerhouse of all beverages. In fact, it’s America’s No. 1 source of calcium, potassium and vitamin D. Pretty impressive huh? With every single serving of Shamrock Farms mmmmilk, you get the nine essential nutrients your body needs to function efficiently through a busy day.