As an organization, we are committed to being environmental stewards and are always examining ways to further companywide sustainable practices and community support, including water stewardship, energy conservation, responsible packaging, manure/methane management and reduced fuel consumption.

On top of that, Shamrock Farms is a member of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy and is supporting its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of fluid milk by 25 percent by the year 2020. Learn more about the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy.

Applying the same innovative approach we have taken with running our business, sustainability at Shamrock Farms is an ongoing process of exploring and adopting measures designed to enhance our operations and the consumer experience.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to ensure sustainable business practices:

Water Stewardship & Energy Conservation

Shamrock Farms recently added to its existing efforts with the addition of a waste-water pre-treatment system at our manufacturing plant and new LED I-17 sign that reduces carbon emissions by 70,000 lbs. each year.

Responsible Packaging

The majority of our packaging materials are 100 percent recyclable HDPE and #5 Polypropylene resin: HDPE bottles consume less energy, produce less post-consumer waste and generate lower greenhouse gas emissions than glass and other plastic bottles.

Manure/Methane Management

Our farm features a state-of-the-art manure management system and recycling program whereby manure is used as a natural fertilizer at local farms.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

We use high-mileage and lightweight trucks and tankers equipped with an idle timer with which truck engines automatically shut off after five minutes. Routing software also minimizes the miles traveled per case delivered.

At Shamrock Farms, our cows’ health is of the utmost importance. Proper animal care leads to happy, healthy cows and therefore, the production of high-quality milk. We believe it’s our responsibility to provide the best possible care for our herd and do such through our state-of-the art facilities and well-trained staff who ensure the cows receive nutritious diets, healthy living conditions, good medical care and are never treated with the growth hormone rBST.

Learn more about our special cows

Shamrock Farms unparalleled commitment to community has been a cornerstone of the company since its inception in 1922.

Each month, Shamrock Farms provides more than 80,000 pounds of food to local food banks and annually supports more than 80 non-profit organizations. Shamrock Farms also shares its farm-fresh products during many non-profit events throughout the year and has several community partners

Shamrock Farms is Arizona’s first-ever USDA-certified Organic dairy option, providing farm-fresh organic milk and sour cream. Our organic milk travels from the cows at our family farm to your grocery store in less than three days, making Shamrock Farms the freshest! Learn more

Shamrock Farms may be the largest dairy in the Southwest, but we are still a family-owned and –operated company and have been since the McClelland family began Shamrock Farms dairy in 1922.

Being family owned means a lot, especially with the McClelland family, who is committed to always doing things the right way. The McClelland’s built the business using a motto still enforced today – to “treat employees like family and customers like friends.”