Special Cows Make Special Milk.

cow4839_redoAnother excellent reason to choose our dairy is the way we raise our cows. At Shamrock Farms, the cow is the star and we treat them accordingly. Each one is an important member of the family, so we make sure they are happy, healthy and producing wholesome, nutritious milk. We know that special cows make special milk, so we give them extra-special care! We provide them with a clean, comfortable environment, and we keep them in top condition, so they are able to produce the highest quality—and quantity—of fresh, delicious milk.

Our farm is like a like a luxury spa for cows! We shower them twice a day before each milking, and keep them in the cool shade, comforted by gentle gusts of air from ventilation fans. We maintain their living quarters below 75 degrees with a high-pressure misting system, and we feed them a specially formulated, nutritionally balanced diet.

If you are concerned with the use of supplemental growth hormones in your milk supply, we want to reassure you that it is not an issue with our herd. We pledge not to treat our cows with the growth hormone rBST. We prefer the traditional way of doing things and have excellent milk production from our dairy cows because they’re thriving in an ideal living environment.

We have our own nursery for baby cows, too. Each calf gets a birth certificate and their own calf-crib! By raising our own calves from our herd this way, we can ensure the highest quality dairy stock. We can also keep a closed herd, without introducing new cows to the farm. That’s kind of like an additional insurance policy backing up our guarantee of quality.