We’ve got what’s good for them.

Kids Products

Parents and Shamrock Farms have something in common. We both know what it takes to raise a herd. We also know that moms and dads want to feed their kids healthy, nutritious, good-tasting food so they’ll grow up big, smart and strong. That’s why Shamrock Farms makes it easy for busy parents to do just that. We give you quick, convenient and consistently high-quality nutrition, always fresh from the farm.

On-the-Go Mmmmilks

Fresh, wholesome, great-tasting nutrition in convenient  packages that kids really love. And why wouldn’t they? On-The-Go mmmmilks feature Roxie, our loveable spokescow, and they come in tons of delicious flavors kids can’t get enough of. Instead of a sugary soda or juice box, give ’em their daily dose of dairy in a fun and convenient On-The-Go container. The products below are made in kid-friendly sizes. And checkout our On-The-Go milks in flavors that kids love!

ESL 1% Lowfat Milk – 7 fl. oz.

1% Lowfat White - 7 fl. oz. 1% Lowfat Chocolate - 7 fl. oz.

The wholesome goodness of white and chocolate in 1% milk. Perfect for kid's meal sizes. And improved nutritional value - less fat, calories and sugar (federal standards).
Our 7 oz milk is HFCS-Free and free of any artificial sweetners
Available in: 7 fl. oz.

School Milk

1% Lowfat White 8 fl. oz. 1% Lowfat Chocolate 8 fl. oz. Fat Free Strawberry 8 fl. oz. Fat Free Chocolate 8 fl. oz.

To help kids choose nutrient-rich milk when they’re away from home, we offer cartons of Shamrock Farms Mmmmilk in school cafeterias and vending machines in fun flavors students love: lowfat white, lowfat chocolate, fat free chocolate and fat free strawberry.