We start with real fresh ideas and end with “delicious.”

Shamrock Farms dairy products are, quite simply, the very best you can buy. Why? They come from special cows that live and work at our state-of-the-art farm who share our commitment to treat our herd like family – making sure it has plenty of healthy food to eat, pleasant living conditions and the best possible care. We pledge never to treat our cows with rBST, either, so we can guarantee a superior quality of milk. So eat, drink and love dairy! You’ve found the best.

Flavored Sour Cream

Shamrock Farms latest innovation, flavored sour cream is a line of farm-fresh sour creams perfect for dipping, mixing and topping. Available in Creamy Ranch, French Onion and Zesty Jalapeno, Shamrock Farms flavored sour cream makes each bite a fresh flavor adventure.  

On-The-Go mmmmilk

Bringing the flavor. Bringing the freshness. Now you and your family can bring the flavor of fresh, wholesome, great-tasting milk wherever you want! That’s the idea behind our On-The-Go mmmmilks. They’re packaged in our cool plastic recyclable bottles and come in all these great flavors and varieties. Shamrock Farms flavored mmmmilk is a refreshing, healthy Read More

Rockin’ Refuel

The Natural Way to Build and Rebuild Muscles Rockin’ Refuel is the real protein beverage designed to help you get the optimal nutrition for your workout. No matter what type of athlete you are, there’s a Rockin’ Refuel that’s right for you. Check out RockinRefuel.com for more info

Calcium Plus Milk

Calcium Plus Milk: Pour 100% More Calcium Plus Milk – our line of fresh, great-tasting, calcium enriched milks that provide 100% more calcium per 8-oz serving than regular milk. And, it comes in the innovative Smart Fit bottle, a 96-oz value size that’s easy to carry, pour and store. What’s more, Calcium Plus is so Read More

Family-Size mmmmilk

Fresh off the farm. Enough for the whole herd. Shamrock Farms mmmmilk has an unmistakable freshness you can really taste in every gulp. It beats all other milks out there because it comes straight from our farm to your table in as little as two days. We’ve figured out a way to keep it extra Read More


Shamrock Farms Organic dairy products are the freshest you can get. As Arizona’s first-ever USDA-certified organic dairy, our organic milk comes from the cows to your grocery store in less than three days. And we use the traditional pasteurization method, which gives our organic milk the same code life that any fresh milk has – Read More

Sour Cream

Fresh and dreamy sour creamy. The best sour cream starts with the best milk, and that’s why Shamrock Farms Sour Cream is better than the rest. No kidding. It’s made with premium-quality ingredients using milk from cows at our own farm, so we can guarantee that it stays fresh and creamy longer. Sour Cream

Cottage Cheese

The freshest, best-tasting cottage cheese, hooves down. When you’re adding healthy, fresh and tasty foods to your grocery list, don’t forget the Shamrock Farms Cottage Cheese! It’s the farm-freshest you can buy and is the perfect addition to your diet or your favorite family recipes. And you can feel good about serving it to your Read More


We’re the cream in your coffee. And a bazillion other dishes. Half and Half Want a better, richer, healthier cup of coffee? Skip the powdered stuff and go with the real deal. Shamrock Farms Half and Half is real dairy with no trans fat. It also happens to be loaded with farm-fresh flavor. Why do Read More