Shamrock Farms takes its cow to the advertising show of the year: The Super Bowl

Arizona’s dairy features new spot with Roxie, the Dairy Godmother, during the big game

PHOENIX (Feb. 4, 2011)—Most Super Bowl commercial enthusiasts have a short-list of the companies with the not-to-miss ads on Super Bowl Sunday. Add to that list Arizona’s very own Shamrock Farms whose new state-of-the-art animated spot will air during the big game.

The TV spot features Shamrock Farms loveable spokescow Roxie as an animated “Dairy Godmother” who helps families pour 100% more calcium with Shamrock Farms new Calcium Plus milk. It’s the first time Roxie has been animated in 3D and Shamrock Farms brought together the best in the industry to bring the beautiful bovine to life.

“This spot is special. Its animation techniques are similar to those used in full-length animated features and brings Roxie’s whimsical nature to life as never before,” said Sandy Kelly, director of marketing for Shamrock Farms. “What’s more, this spot is funny without losing its message. Following the game, people will remember both the spot and the product featured.”  

Shamrock Farms enlisted the talents of award winning advertising agency The Richards Group, Ring of Fire Studios and actress Kathy Najimy to bring the animated Roxie to life.

Ring of Fire Studios is an Oscar-winning creative digital effects and design company who has been involved with a number of feature films, most notably, Spiderman 2. Kathy Najimy, who has been the voice of Roxie since 2005 is best known for her work in King of the Hill and Sister Act.

“This is an all-star spot assembled by an all-star cast. We hope that everybody loves the spot, but what’s not to love about a 3D cow dressed in a pink tutu and wings?” added Kelly.

Shamrock Farms made the decision to advertise in the Super Bowl this year as ratings are expected to be higher than ever. Plus, Shamrock Farms female target audience often watches the game specifically to see the commercials, making it the perfect venue to communicate Shamrock Farms message of keeping families healthy with its farm-fresh, nutrient-rich dairy products.

The TV spot features Shamrock Farms newest product innovation – Calcium Plus milk, a line of farm-fresh, calcium-fortified milk developed to help the 90 percent of Americans not currently meeting their nutrient requirements. Each 8-oz serving “magically” provides 100% more calcium than regular milk, prompting Roxie to ask the question at the end of the TV spot “Who knew magic could taste this good.”

About Shamrock Farms

Shamrock Farms, one of the largest family-owned and -operated dairies in the U.S., produces and distributes traditional and organic farm-fresh milk, as well as whipping cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream and frozen novelties. Shamrock Farms, which has its own farm hosting both a traditional and organic herd totaling more than 10,000 cows, is a division of Shamrock Foods Company, a family-owned and -operated business founded in 1922 in Tucson, Ariz. For more information, visit

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